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Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

Criminal Defence Lawyer

You can be arrested for attacking someone using a weapon under Los Angeles Penal Code section 245. Criminal Charges can make a difference on your freedom and liberty. If you are facing criminal prosecution then you will be puzzled from the procedure that lies in front of you. You are seriously worried just about your liberty, your status and career. You require the perfect defense. Your lawyer should be well qualified to figure out the type of your criminal offense and determine the defenses, who can take your case immediately with confidence and who can completely analyze your case and attain the best possible result in the court. There are several kinds of crimes in Los Angeles; some of them are listed below:

Weapon Defense Attorney Los Angeles

If you are in jail for any weapon associated crime, you must get in touch with a skilled Weapon Defense Attorney immediately. Fast reaction by a weapon defense lawyer can make a real difference between charges being filed in the court, or not. There are several cases when a criminal attorney can intercede with the law enforcement and persuade them to stay the case away from his client.

The most common Weapon Crimes in Los Angeles

  • Attacking a person with a weapon.
  • Having an illegal weapon.
  • Illegal sale of your weapon.

Assault & Battery Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

There are several kinds of battery crimes that you can be faced with in Los Angeles. The charges for assault & battery are according to the conditions of your case. You can be facing a criminal offence with fines in the range of $10,000. There are two main types of battery, Simple Battery and Battery Causing Serious Injury.

Simple Battery

You can be accountable for a battery if you harmed another person with a weapon or without a weapon. The criminal prosecution doesn't have to verify that it led to any damage to the other person. The penalties for simple battery are $2,000 and six months inside the Local Jail. You must meet with an experienced defense lawyer. Our Attorney can guide you to stay away from prison time in simple battery cases.

Battery Causing Serious Injury

If you are arrested for a battery leading to severe injury, the criminal prosecution will need to show that it led to severe injury to the other individual. It is incredibly essential that you consult with a lawyer regarding this kind of life changing penalty.

Medical Marijuana Attorney Los Angeles

If you're found buying, carrying or creating marijuana, law enforcement can arrest you perhaps when you have a legitimate medical marijuana professional recommendation from your physician. Your medical marijuana recommendation helps you to secure yourself from the penalty charges in the court. It will not save you from the charges and arrest. Medical marijuana laws and regulations are constantly changing and incredibly complicated. It simply shows that you must employ the service of a Criminal Defense Attorney to defend your case in the court.

Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

Domestic Violence Charges in Los Angeles

If you are charged with domestic violence, you will need defense against the cruel penalties. Domestic violence Cases are extremely complex and can put all of your future at stake. Even for little domestic violence cases, the penalties can be serious. You are not able to defend yourself alone. You require a Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles to get it done in your case.

Our target is success for our clients and we are confident of our criminal defense methods. If you want to talk about your case, give us a call right now for a Free Consultation.

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