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Los Angeles Driving Under the Influence

If you or anyone else you know, a friend or family member, or anyone else, that has been charged with criminal drinking and driving also known as DUI in the county of Los Angeles, then you need a quality attorney to handle your case, and hiring one is time sensitive. A highly skilled and professional Los Angeles DUI lawyer, will be able to assist you or your friends and family by helping you to minimize the overall effect that that a DUI charge offense may carry and will affect your life overall.

As well-known across to country, Los Angeles has some of the toughest criminal charges for DUI laws, and escaping them, requires a Los Angeles DUI lawyer that understands the law well.  There are two vehicle code sections that specify the required impaired evidence of a DUI where the legal limit for alcohol limit consumption for drunk driving in Los Angeles and California abroad is .08%.  Although, in order for a court to prosecute anyone pulled over for a DUI, they must be prosecuted for two different vehicle code sections.  The following Code Sections state:

  • CVC 23152(a) requires impairment as evidence of DUI.
  • CVC 23152(b) requires blood alcohol concentration above the legal alcohol limit of 0.08 percent.

A criminal attorney that utilizes his expertise as a Los Angeles DUI attorney in California will work on defending you in court on both of the above vehicle code charges.  The limit charges for the alcohol limit charge must be defended by assuring that that the equipment used to measure the individual is not defective in any way.  On the other hand, the charge for impairment is directed to the police officer and asking him all the possible questions, to assure it was done legally.

One arrested for a DUI/Drunk Driving under the Influence in Los Angeles, must be aware that it carries with it a grave consequence, and that is where a Los Angeles DUI Attorney should be consulted.  Any individual charged with a drunk driving offense, faces prison time, paying high penalties and fees and losing their driving privileges. In addition one may require to take educational courses and other similar items.  By securing an attorney early on prior to your court date, may assist you in spending zero days in jail, losing your job, increasing your insurance, and other major life taking issues.

Does a DUI eventually come off your record in California?

In Los Angeles and California at large, a DUI only comes off your driving DMV record after 10 years have passed from your arrest.  It is critical to know this piece of information, as most Los Angeles DUI Lawyers will tell you, it will affect your insurance, and your life in general. Prior to January 1, 2007, the offense would come off your record after only 7 years. Since the law has changed, it took harsh measures, even if you were arrested for DUI prior to 2007, the law takes effect and leaves it on your record for 10 full years.  That is not good news for those that expected it to fall off sooner.  As crazy as it may sound, California is always trying to get a DUI conviction to stay on your driving record for as long as you are alive.  Sounds fair?  We do not think so, and many other Los Angeles DUI attorneys agree with us, wholeheartedly! Though the legislation never gives up, and always keeps trying.  On that, you should note that a succeeding DUI charge will surely have a more serious penalty if you get it within the 10 years of the original arrest date of your prior DUI charge.

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer & Attorneys

Like a bad Credit Report, can You Remove a DUI from Your Record?

You cannot look at a DUI record like accredit report collections account.  Fair, they are either life changing situations, one way or another, one more serious than the other, without a doubt.  Though, for a DUI, you can file a petition with the CA criminal records office to have it removed from your record.  You must file it with the court, once the judge looks it over and decides to approve it, then all you need to do is withdraw your original negative plea, and go into a not guilty phase.  At that time, the case will be fully dismissed.  Though if convicted of a DUI it is never really possible to fully remove it from your driving record, and that is the problem, for a minimum of the law, 10 years.  The benefit here is unless you need to have a job driving, most employers will not pull your DMV record, and you will be safe, so it is definitely worth a shot.

Your best bet, is to contact your local Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, explain your position, provide all your documents, and have your case looked over in order to better determine the possibilities of expunging the DUI from your record.  Staying on top of your legal record as well as your DMV record, and taking action, by hiring an experience Los Angeles DUI attorney, is your best bet in getting results. 

Just like you would hire a professional to clean up your credit profile, the same you will hire the proper attorney, specializing in DUI cases within the Los Angeles area, to clean up your legal and driving records. At the end of the day, it all depends on you, and how badly this black mark affects your overall life. The decision is ultimately up to you, and making the right decision, is in your hands.

If at any time the legislation changes, and the DUI charge remains on your criminal record for life, it is important to note that when getting auto insurance, the auto insurance companies will usually only pull your DMV record, not your criminal record.  When this happens, you will not take a hit on your DUI 10 years down the line, and your rate should not be affected.

Make the right decision, research, analyze, and find the best Los Angeles DUI lawyer to help you get your life back on track.

Should You Submit to Voluntary Tests? NO!

Getting pulled over for a DUI, the officer uses three  parts to investigate and see if you can be arrested for this charge.  Initially, the officer will observe how you drive, and behave when getting pulled over.  After that is complete, the officer will observe how you do on the ‘voluntary’ (note that word) sobriety exams they give you.  Finally, the cop will put you in his vehicle and take you down to the station where you will be given either a breath or blood testing to see the level of alcohol in your body.

The benefit of taking these tests is that if you do well in them, you will not be arrested for a DUI offense, so it is tempting. Though you must always remember, that if you do not do well, you will get arrested, do not expect any mercy from the officer, and no story will justify him to let you go.  Also keep in mind that most people do not do well on them, and the odds are against you if you decide to take the tests.  The other alternative for not taking them, is getting arrested, and that alone can scare the heck out of you, so you may be pulled to ‘give it a shot’.  Looking at the long run picture, and being smart ahead of the game, you must know that giving the police ammunition by taking these tests can have a really bad negative effect when you go to court and try to fight it. 

A Los Angeles DUI Lawyer has a much better edge to fight your case if you were simply arrested for DUI, without any tests, evidence provided. Taking that into consideration, it may be worth the agony of getting arrested without taking any of the tests. And looking at the statistics, DUI lawyers have a much better chance in protecting you without the evidence being provided.  Since the temptation to give in to these test is so high, you could in a very nice way, explain to the officer that you would rather not take the test, if it is not mandatory, and we all know it is not.  This will allow any Los Angeles DUI lawyer to assist you in your case, much better than if you have taken it and failed on any of the three tests.

Penalties and Punishments of a DUI Conviction

The following punishments you may face in your drunk driving case.

  • Suspension of your license
  • Jail or Fine
  • Classes of alcohol abuse.

Above penalties could be increased in your drunk driving case, if you have past record of DUI conviction.

In above situation, Our Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer will be your best choice to review your case in detail to save yourself from penalties and punishments.

Hire a Los Angeles DUI attorney that is experienced in dealing with your case, call us today, and let us secure your future! 

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