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Los Angeles Breath and Blood Tests

Chemical Testing for DUI

The laws and regulations of Los Angeles state that if you are caught for DUI, you will have to give blood or breathe test and its refusal can lead you to severe charges. Law enforcement officials will demand you to do voluntary field sobriety test. If you reject to carry out the field sobriety test, the officers will arrest you and ask you to give chemical testing. The chemical tests identify your Blood Alcohol Content. If its amount greater than 0.08% then you will be charged for DUI and your driving rights will be terminated. Chemical testing is performed by using breath test or blood test.

Los Angeles Breath and Blood Tests

Breath Test

The Breath Test is utilized to calculate the breath alcohol content of the suspect. It's not considered the best method to identify Blood Alcohol Content. For this reason, it is not admissible in the court. The second test in the police station is believed more accurate and is used when the state is building its case against a driver. There are two types of breath tests in Los Angeles, pre-arrest and post-arrest breath tests. If you are over 21, a pre-arrest road-side breath test will be carried out using a hand-held device and it's your right to refuse it. But post-arrest breath tests are needed for legal reasons, and they are administered using evidentiary devices. A breath test machine must be thoroughly adjusted before a breath test is conducted. These machines are designed to test and calculate air in the lungs for alcohol. If u refuse to give blood or breath test your driver's license will be suspended.

Blood Test

Blood test is a precise and efficient solution to identify the Blood Alcohol Content over a breath test. This method requires the sample of blood from the suspect. This sample is delivered to a criminal offense laboratory and an independent laboratory to determine the Blood Alcohol Content. Only skilled people who are expert in drawing blood are capable of doing a blood test on you, since the method that the blood is drawn may have an immediate effect on the end results of the test. You can also ask for an independent blood test as well.

Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Sometimes a Breath analyzer test can give wrong readings, and blood tests can be managed improperly. At that time you should meet with an experienced Los Angeles DUI Defense Lawyer to learn which defenses implement in your DUI case. A skilled lawyer can challenge the outcomes of your test so that you can reduce your charges, or even to get a complete exoneration available for you. We are able to deliver you support if you have been charged for Drunk driving because of test results. We will check out the final results in depth, and identify the mistakes. Any proof we discover, we will implement in the court.

Contact a Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney if you have been charged for drunk driving after being given a chemical test by a police officer.

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