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DUI Attorney Los Angeles Case Results & Victories

Our firm DUI attorney Los Angeles has high rate of case victories in Los Angeles. Our Los Angeles DUI lawyers have recommended as the best Los Angeles DUI defense lawyers in California based on our client reviews. Our attorneys aggressively defend all DUI charges against our clients in Los Angeles.

Every DUI case has different facts and circumstances, so our Los Angeles DUI lawyers prepare case defense strategy according to the situation to achieve the favorable outcome for our clients.

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Review our recent DUI case results in felony and misdemeanor DUI charges:

Felony DUI Charges Dismissed

Case: Felony DUI with injuries and a previous record of the same conviction.
Result: Our DUI attorney Los Angeles did an effective and aggressive case preparation before the hearing and as a result of these efforts case was reduced to misdemeanor DUI. Client was charged to serve his time in community service.

DUI, Hit and Run, Charges Dismissed.

Case: Driving Under the Influence, hit and run.
Result: Client was drunk at the time of driving and did a traffic accident causing injury and ran away. After the initial hearing all charges were dismissed by prosecution and client was charged as misdemeanor plea.

Over Speed Drunk Driving and Manslaughter

Case: Illegal right sides turn with over speed, causing death of an old person.
Result: After initial hearing our Los Angeles DUI attorney was able to prove that our client was not drunk and accident was not his fault. All criminal charges dismissed.

2nd Dui conviction and DUI BAC .12

Case: 2nd DUI conviction with higher BAC.
Result: At the time of arrest blood alcohol concentration was .12 and client was in a serious trouble. After contacting DUI attorney Los Angeles our DUI lawyer handled the case very well and all DUI charges were dismissed and client was charged with a non DUI offense with $100 fine.

DUI with higher BAC and Over Speed Driving

Case: Serious charges of Excessive BAC and speedy driving.
Result: Client was facing 60 days jail, causing DUI charges of higher BAC and speedy driving. Our Los Angeles DUI Defense lawyer with his best possible efforts all jail time dropped and minimum first DUI was charged.

No License, BAC over .18

Case: Driving without License but with higher BAC and client was facing 30 days jail time.
Result: Our DUI attorney Los Angeles did proper investigation of all facts and figures and aggressively defended the case at hearings. As a result of our efforts all charges were dismissed and client was only charged with minimum DUI offense with minimum penalty and no jail time.

DUI with Enhancement

Case: DUI with Enhancement.
Result: After hiring our Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer, our attorney proved that all charges regarding DUI are wrong at DMV hearing and in the end charges were dropped to wet reckless.

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