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Dui Attorney Orange County

If you have been charged with a DUI offense, then you need to read this article before you go to court. If you are thinking of representing yourself, stop and think again. DUI defense is not a "do it yourself" project. Instead, you need to find a lawyer that specializes in DUI defense. Dui Attorney Orange County who does not specialize in DUI may not know some of the more obscure pieces of information that just might help you win your case. Someone who does not specialize in DUI cases may also not keep up on developments in the field and miss important information that could help you defend yourself against criminal charges.

Sure, a DUI attorney costs more, but you are also getting more expertise and competence in this area; and, he will expect to be paid for his efforts. So, take some time and read this short guide to selecting a DUI attorney. You might just save yourself a lot of time and money. Good attorneys should be able to provide you with information about the various forms of alcohol counseling

DUI Is A Serious Criminal Offense

DUI is a serious offense even though it is a misdemeanor. Every time an innocent person is killed by a drunk driver the media sensationalizes the event. As a result, juries have become much less tolerant or drunk drivers and are more likely to give the offender a heavier sentence.

Assuming you are, then we both knows that you already made one serious mistake in judgment. Do not make another mistake by attempting to represent yourself. Going to court by yourself is a ridiculous move that will only cost you lots of time and money. Worse, it could cost you your job, freedom, family or loved ones. Under the best outcome, the fines, fees and costs assessed by the court can cripple you financially. Do not be the fool that represents himself. Get a Dui Attorney Orange County you can trust.

DUI Attorneys Are Criminal Specialists

All DUI lawyers practice criminal law, but not all criminal attorneys can try a DUI case. DWI attorneys engage in a specialized practice. You are not in a position to trust your defense to just any criminal attorney. Instead, try to find an attorney that has a DUI specialization or certification, if your state bar has such as designation.

Dui Attorney Los Angeles CA

Dui Attorney Orange County

If not, try to determine if your prospective lawyer is familiar with those issues that are peculiar to DUI defense. Some of these issues include the use of an intoxilyzer, diabetes and hypoglycemia, horizontal gaze and nystagmus, and other such tests. You will pay more for a DUI attorney with this sort of specialized knowledge, but are you really in a position to mount a defense "on the cheap?"

Paying Your DUI Attorney

An attorney that specializes in DUI defense is going to charge a higher fee than a general practitioner or criminal attorney. They have specialized knowledge that you need and they know that their services command a higher rate of compensation. Do not hesitate to discuss the matter of attorney's fees early in the conversation with your attorney. You will probably be quoted one of two types of fee arrangements. Either the attorney will agree to take the case for a flat fee or an hourly rate.

Drunk Drivers Have No Business Representing Themselves

DUI litigation is complex. You probably understand that when it comes to a DUI, your defense is not "do it yourself" project. Instead, you need to find a competent DUI attorney that is going to make the state prove their case. He will have the knowledge and expertise to challenge the evidence and raise all likely and legitimate defenses.

There are a number of reasons why it is important to have an attorney who specializes in DUI cases guiding you from the time of your arrest until your criminal trial has ended. Your attorney can gather information about your case, speak with the prosecutor to try to make arrangements for a plea deal, ask expert witnesses to testify during your trial, and speak on your behalf at administrative proceedings and prior to sentencing. Having a DUI attorney on your side can make the difference between winning your case and being convicted of DUI and having to face all of the penalties associated with such a conviction.

Extreme DUI prosecution can occur when a driver's blood alcohol content level exceeds 15% since this is considered an extremely high blood alcohol level. If you are a minor and operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol, this can affect how you are charged and the penalties you will face. If you have been charged with driving under the influence based on impairment or based on the results of a chemical test, hiring Dui Attorney Orange County should be your first step to defending yourself.

This can turn into reality if you are convicted of a DUI charge, especially if it is not your first conviction. Having a DUI attorney legal professional on your team can help you to successfully defend yourself against these criminal charges so that you can get back to living your life. While an attorney can never guarantee that you will win your case, hiring one is your best chance for beating DUI charges and resuming a normal life.

Your first consultation with your new attorney will be one of your most important meetings. This is where you will sign your agreement outlining payment terms and other conditions of representation and officially hire the attorney to represent you as you face DUI charges. Your attorney will ask you a number of questions about your case and let you know how a DUI case typically proceeds. A qualified attorney will understand the best way to present your defense based on how you are being charged.

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