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Multiple DUI Lawyer Los Angeles

Are You Facing Multiple DUI Charges?

If you are caught for DUI in Los Angeles and also have three or higher earlier DUI convictions within the past 10 years, then you will be considered a multiple DUI offender and you'll possibly face a felony DUI charge under Los Angeles Vehicle Code section 23152 VC. DUI penalty charges are regarded as the most severe charges you can experience. DUI law gives extreme charges for individuals who are found guilty of second, third, fourth or subsequent DUI crimes. With past DUI's, penalties are tremendously increased and punishments are harder. These penalties consist of compulsory jail time, heavy fines and a rise in car insurance, community service, DUI Classes, probation and license suspension. The probability of a mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device will also enhance. Police take DUI crimes very severely because they normally result in serious accidents, permanent disabilities, and loss of life. This can make it difficult to persuade the judge that you're not responsible for this offense that to the judge may just look like a repeat incident. For a 4th Drunk driving offense, you may even face felony DUI penalty charges as well as three years in the jail, serious fines along with other penalties.

Defending Multiple DUI Charges

Drunk driving defense is not a simple process; it can be extremely complicated for a defense attorney to defend a multiple Driving under the influence case, since it gets to be harder in cases concerning multiple DUI crimes. As every case has different situations and proof, your particular case should be thoroughly analyzed to find out how to proceed with your defense. Your attorney will have to use each and every source in defending your case, because you have been found guilty of DUI, a court can be predisposed to believe you're responsible for this crime too. In addition, a court will probably be harder in determining your conviction. The criminal prosecution will possibly follow maximum charges. In order to enable you to stay away from serious charges and the hard court penalties of a multiple DUI conviction, your lawyer will have to show that you were not accountable for drunk driving in this case or that a previous DUI conviction wasn't warranted. You will require the best LA DUI Attorney offering you to defend your rights. A skilled Los Angeles DUI lawyer can favorably affect the result of your case.

Multiple DUI Defense Attorney

Do not take a chance with your career. Make sure that you've strong legal representation from our Los Angeles drunk driving lawyers if you're dealing with a second, third or fourth drunk driving charge and are looking to stay away from the from a court sentence. Our Los Angeles DUI defense attorney will examine your DUI charge thoroughly to find evidence that can help to protect your case. Our DUI Lawyer will also examine your prior drunk driving cases in order to determine if something was skipped and if the prior sentence may be changed. Although we can't promise case results, we can promise that our attorney will exhaust all achievable sources into defending the best possible result and securing your privileges. We are experienced with supporting multiple DUI defendants with their cases and we can try everything to create a successful defense for your drunk driving case.

Get in touch with us right now to discuss with our DUI lawyer about your Multiple DUI charges. Let us fight to defend your career.

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