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Los Angeles Felony DUI Lawyer

Many DUI crimes in Los Angeles are misdemeanors charges as a result of DUI conviction first time. In some situations, DUI charge qualifies as a felony DUI, particularly when the consequences of "Driving under the Influence" case are more serious.

All DUI charges are serious according to their consequences but if you have been charged as felony DUI, then it is in your benefit to talk an experienced Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer.

Mostly 4th time DUI conviction, DUI causing injury or manslaughter is charged as felony DUI conviction in the state of California.

DUI Felony includes the following punishments.

  • Years of jail time sentence
  • Huge Fines and other related penalties.

Team of DUI attorney Los Angeles is expert to handle DUI felony cases in Los Angeles. Our felony DUI lawyer Los Angeles will prepare key points regarding your DUI case to avoid felony DUI charges or to avoid maximum felony DUI penalties. Our experienced, friendly and helpful staff of Los Angeles DUI defense lawyers will give you enough confidence to think that you are at the right place to defend your DUI case.

Felony DUI charges are always serious and not good for your career as well as for your driving privileges. DUI attorney Los Angeles lawyers understand the demerits of felony DUI charges and give their full attention to deal with these cases.

What We Do to Defend Your DUI Felony

We offer a free case evaluation meeting with our client to discuss and evaluate key points of your DUI felony case. After the meeting our experienced Los Angeles DUI Attorney will investigate your case to prepare an effective plan to defend your DUI felony case in your favor. Our Los Angeles DUI attorney understands that the felony DUI is a serious legal trouble and may affect your housing and employment career, so it is the aim of our team to avoid felony DUI penalty as much as possible.

All DUI charges are not felony DUI charges but it depends on the circumstances of case.

DUI Felony Case Examples

The following may be charged as felony DUI according to case circumstances.

4th Time DUI conviction

Dui conviction 4th time is a DUI felony crime and you may be punished the following.

  • 3 Years Jail
  • Huge Fines with criminal penalties
  • 4 years suspension of driving license

DUI causing injury

DUI causing injury is most common DUI felony example. You may be charged DUI causing injury if you did some auto accident and badly injured someone.

The maximum penalty is 4 to 6 years for DUI causing injury.

Vehicular manslaughter

If you are driving under the influence and because of your fault some vehicular manslaughter happens. In this situation, it is a clear case of felony DUI and you may be charged 4 to 10 years jail time sentence.

Contact DUI attorney Los Angeles

If you are facing DUI felony charges, Contact us to defend your case more aggressively to give you favorable outcome.

You can also call us at (888) 579-9996 or (818) 484-3232 or (818) 658-6789 or (818) 691-2480 for a free case evaluation meeting.

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