Frequently Asked Questions from a DUI Attorney
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Frequently Asked Questions from a Los Angeles DUI Attorney

All cases are different according to their circumstances, facts and concerns. Our Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer will answer your all questions and queries as per you drunk driving case and situation.

The following are the most common frequently asked questions by those a

rrested under DUI conviction.

DUI stands for?

DUI means "Driving under the Influence". This involves the following charges.

  • Driving while a BAC (stands for blood alcohol concentration) of .08% or higher.
  • Driving during under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When do I need to hire an attorney?

After your arrest under DUI conviction, some people think it is easy to handle DUI charges and take it easy that becomes the cause of unfavorable situation.

For the unfavorable outcome for your DUI case, you need to hire a very experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney for your solid defense.

Will I have to attend court hearings?

It depend on your drunk driving case but in many conditions our Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer represents you in court and try his level best to save your time of having to appear yourself. Our Los Angeles DUI lawyer will schedule your DMV hearing and defend your driving rights to avoid the suspension of your driving license.

Will I have to face Jail time?

You may experience imprisonment but it depends on your DUI conviction. Our experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyers are expert to avoid DUI penalties including jail time sentence but DUI charges depends on your blood alcohol concentration at the time of your arrest.

What is blood alcohol concentration (BAC)?

The percentage of alcohol in your blood is known as "blood alcohol concentration" (BAC). The level of alcohol in your blood is determined by a breathalyzer test. In case when the percentage of alcohol in your blood has found .08% or higher, then you will be charged for driving under the influence.

Will my license be suspended?

There are more chances of your driver's license suspension, if you have a previous record of DUI conviction. You may lose your driving privileges for few months or for few years but depend on your drunk driving case. This situation can bring difficulties in your life and career, so at this stage it is very important to talk an experienced Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer to defend your driving privileges.

What are DMV Hearings?

After your arrest under DUI conviction, the officer will check that you were driving under the influence and he will confiscate your license and also will issue a temporary license that is known as "Notice of Suspension". At this stage you will need to hire an expert Los Angeles DUI attorney to schedule your DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) hearings regarding your future driving privileges. Our Los Angeles DUI attorney can aggressively defend your driving rights at DMV hearings.

Call us at (888) 579-9996 or (818) 484-3232 or (818) 658-6789 or (818) 782-3112 to book an appointment with our Los Angeles DUI attorney to discuss your driving under the influence case in detail.

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