When Should One Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?
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When Should One Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

You might disagree, but a DUI offence is a pretty big deal and sometimes it can lead to dire consequences and results. It started out as a fun night until you drank too many bears and made the mistake of attempting to drive back home, next thing you know you're in cuffs. This story is one of the most common in the world, as most people fall prey to the temptation of drinking too much and then thinking they are coherent enough to drive. Its all fun and games until the cops pull you over, take you to the station and then slap a DUI charge on you. Next thing you know, you're in a dire need for Drunk Driving Lawyer Woodland Hills has. But the thing is, there are some situations in which you don't need a lawyer and there are other situations in which you definitely need one. I'm here to tell you when should one hire a criminal defense lawyer.

When Should One Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The answer to that question is that as soon as you get arrested or charged with commiting a crime, this is the exact moment when you should hire a criminal defense lawyer. If you select an attorney before any formal charges have been filed, attorneys can negotiate a dismissal before any charges are made. The key to this is having legal representation immediately after arrest. When you get arrested the officer will notify you of your right to an attorney, that is the moment you request the lawyer. If the charge was drunk driving in Woodland Hills, then you would get a competent Drunk Driving Lawyer Woodland Hills has. An arraignment follows an arrest. The arraignment is the formal presentation of charges in open court.

During the arraignment you will enter your plea of either guilty or not guilty. That means you should have already discussed your case strategy with your attorney. Then you would make the plea as to are you guilty of the crime you're being accused of or not. Whether it's a small charge or a serious one like a felony, you should always have a defense attorney to represent you. You should always make sure that the attorney youre getting has experience in dealing with the charge at hand, for example if you're being convicted of Drunk Driving in Woodland Hills then you would need a criminal defense lawyer who is a specialist Drunk Driving Lawyer Woodland Hills has so he or she can better represent you. Without representation, it can be hard to know how to work with the judge, and decide what is best for you. A criminal defense lawyer may help reduce your criminal charge to a lesser defense, lessen the punishment for the crime, reduce jail time, help reduce criminal charges and make a sound defense strategy.

So the sooner you get yourself a criminal defense lawyer the better your chances of fighting the charges against you. So if you end up getting arrested, hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

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