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When Do DUI Charges Become a Felony?

Are you wondering if driving under the influence alias DUI is a felony? In many cases, first time DUI is considered as a misdemeanor. However, there are situations when your case can become a felony! These situations differ from one jurisdiction to another. In most states, DUI charges are considered as a misdemeanor or traffic offense. These charges can be aggravated for various reasons. Apart from legal complications, being drunk can put your health at great risk, even if you are not driving! This is why most drunken drivers are asked to attend alcohol education programs. These programs explain how drinking can affect your overall health and how you should overcome it!

Very Many Cases!

As you receive a DUI charge, you must approach a Los angeles DUI lawyer . The lawyer will help you get through the case and avoid hefty charges. According to experienced DUI lawyers, here are few cases where your DUI charges can be a felony:

1) In states like Los Angeles, if a person is injured or killed due to drunken driving, a felony will be charged. Typically, the drunken driver should have done bodily harm to another person. In such situations, you should hire a Los angeles DUI lawyer immediately.

2) People who drive with a suspended license or break several laws will be charged for felony. During these cases, your license will be suspended, restricted or revoked! If you are caught for DUI too, things can become extremely severe!

3) In most states, drivers can have only 0.08% alcohol in their blood. If you have more than 0.16% alcohol in your blood, you will increase the chances of a felony DUI. The penalty becomes worse when there is too much alcohol content in your blood.

4) If you are charged for DUI and if you have children in your car, you may receive felony DUI charges. In Los Angeles, drunken drivers should not carry kids who are below 15 years of age in the vehicle.

5) If you have several DUI convictions behind your back, you may receive felony charges. But remember that experienced Los angeles DUI lawyers can justify the case and reduce punishments. Never try to handle the case alone. Repeat DUI offenses are serious cases in different parts of the country.

On the whole, DUI laws differ from one state to another. If you wish to reduce the intensity of your punishments, work with a lawyer!

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