What is an Arraignment in Woodland Hills
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What is an Arraignment in Woodland Hills

Life can be unpredictable. Some day its going good and the next you find yourself neck deep in trouble. We all make mistakes, sometimes they aren't our fault but we face the consequences and sometimes it is our fault. Sometimes we mess up so much that we end in trouble with the law, though it may seem like its not too much of a big deal. Such as a DUI where you would need a Woodland Hills DUI Lawyer, while we may think that driving while drunk is nothing and we're not that drunk or the house is just a minute away, it all goes downhill when a policeman pulls us over. In Woodland Hills, its twice as worse as there is a crackdown going on against DUI violators. But as with all Law proceedings before you get a sentence you have to go through a hearing where you would hire yourself a Woodland Hills DUI Lawyer, and before that hearing there is something known as an arraignment. What is an arraignment in woodland hills, we'll get to that in a minute but before that we discuss what an arraignment is itself.

What is an Arraignment in Woodland Hills

Basically after the arrest, booking, and initial bail phases of the criminal process, the first stage of courtroom-based proceedings takes place that is known as the arraignment. During a typical arraignment, a person charged with a crime is called before a criminal court judge, who will then:

  • Read the criminal charge(s) against him/her.
  • Be asked if he or she has an attorney, this is where your Woodland Hills DUI Lawyer will come to use. If there isn't any then the court will appoint one for you.
  • The defendant is then asked how he or she answers to the criminal charges, meaning how the defendant pleads, guilty or not guilty.
  • Decides whether to alter the bail amount or to release the defendant on his or her own recognizance.
  • Announces dates of future proceedings in the case, such as the preliminary hearing, pre-trial motions, and trial.
  • If the defendant faces possible jail time, then he or she has a constitutional right to the assistance of an attorney (in the case of DUI, you will request a DUI Attorney Woodland Hills has). If the defendant does not have one or him/herself then a government appointed DUI Attorney Woodland Hills has will be given. Now you have a basic understand of an Arraignment.

    As for an Arraignment pertaining to Woodland Hills specifically, the procedure is the same as it also follows the same law as the rest of the country. As I mentioned before that most cases being brought forward are of DUI, so chances are that most cases will be of DUI and will need a DUI Attorney Woodland Hills has. Although we hope you stay safe and out of trouble and don't have to go through with this ordeal, but in case you do unfortunately end up there, you have a little headsup about the process.

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