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Solving Marijuana DUI Cases

In Los Angeles, marijuana DUI is considered as a serious offence. Drivers who are under the influence of marijuana will be asked to pay hefty fines, serve a considerable amount of time in jail and they will lose their driving license! Marijuana DUI is treated like alcohol related DUI cases. However, there is no standard definition to just marijuana intoxication. If you want to play safe and save yourself from “severe” DUI charges, you must hire Los angeles DUI lawyers . The marijuana DUI lawyer will help in protecting your rights. Luckily, there are so many professional DUI lawyers to help you with marijuana charges.

The Tricky Test

What makes marijuana DUI interesting would be the test! Unlike conventional alcoholic beverages, marijuana goes undetected by the breath analyzer. Most officers use the driver’s saliva and blood to spot the presence of marijuana. Saliva and blood tests are considerably expensive and time consuming. Very rarely do police officers stress on saliva or blood tests. This means, the police officer has to provide compelling reasons that you were influenced by marijuana. Here are few evidences that can support the officer’s case:

1) Presence of drug paraphernalia, smell of marijuana or the presence of drugs in your car.

2) Slurred speech, blood shot eyes, poor cognitive or motor skills and erratic behavior

3) Poor driving skills – could be anything like driving too fast, driving too slow, drifting out of your lane and ignoring traffic lights.

Nevertheless, the above signs cannot be used to prove that you were driving under the influence of marijuana. This is why you must hire skilled Los angeles DUI lawyers. The marijuana DUI lawyers will increase the uncertainty in your case. Experienced lawyers can claim that very few evidences are presented!

Your Charges!

With a Marijuana DUI case, you should face a series of consequences. The punishments are similar to an alcohol DUI:

1) If this is your first case, you will be asked to pay a fine (could be as high as 1500 USD). Your license will be suspended for 12 to 24 months. You may have to spend 6 months in prison.

2) If this is your second case, you should pay a hefty fine (could be as high as 7500 USD). Your license will be suspended for 30 months. You should spend at least 18 months in jail.

3) If this is your third case, you may face a 5000 USD in fines, two years of jail and a 3-year license suspension!

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