Punishments Associated with First Time DUI
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Punishments Associated with First Time DUI

You might be reading this article because you want to hire a Los angeles DUI lawyer. Well, asking for professional help is a wise to tackle your first DUI offense. Just like many other states, Los Angeles identifies DUI offense as a "misdemeanor". You must not underestimate its impact. Your first DUI conviction can result in serious consequences. If you are charged with a DUI offense, you must be clear with the punishments and sentence associated. This is where the Los angeles DUI lawyer becomes important. The experts will make sure your punishments are minimal and not serious.

#1 Probation

Most people believe that their first driving under influence case would result in probation. Well, some first timers do get probation. But, it differs from one case to another. "County Jail" time is an important part of probation. Even with misdemeanor charges, you will be asked to spend some time in jail. With a skilled Los angeles DUI lawyer by your side, you can avoid jail time.

#2 Loss of License

Some first time DUI victims can lose their license for a short period of time (even though this was your first case). The final decision depends on your driving history. If your license is suspended, you should apply for another hardship or occupational driver's license. This license will let you drive to school or work. Probation comes with several conditions. This includes probation feels, substantial fine, urinalysis fees and court charges. The total amount will be equivalent to a small car payment. Meanwhile, you should attend drug & alcohol counseling. In Los Angeles, you should spend few hours in community service.

#3 Employment & Insurance Rates

In some cases, the DUI case can affect your auto insurance policy and employment. That is because DUI is treated as an integral part of criminal histories. A lot of employers don't prefer hiring candidates with criminal histories. If they are aware of your conviction, you may lose a good opportunity. Employers don't hire people with DUI convictions in their records because it can affect their insurance policies and rates. Likewise, your auto insurance premiums can go up! If you want to keep your monthly premiums low and unaffected, you should hire a Los angeles DUI lawyer. Your attorney can talk and make sure your charges are as low as possible. Their expertise and knowledge can reduce the amount you pay for DUI.

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