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Handling APS DMV Hearing

A lot of motorists are unaware of the bond between a DMV and a criminal case. if you are arrested for drunken driving, the charges can breakdown into two separate cases: the DMV case and the Criminal Case. DMV charges are not as simple as they appear. You should hire a skilled DUI Attorney Los Angeles to handle the case. Years ago, the DMV and court could order for a license suspension. However, things have changed drastically! According to local state rules, only the Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend a person’s license. The DMV hearing happens after a DUI arrest.

Hire a Skilled Attorney!

To win a DMV hearing, you should have an experienced DUI Attorney Los Angeles by your side! The lawyer will help you understand more about the stages in the hearing. If the hearing doesn’t happen in a court, it will take place in the DMV’s safety offices. During the hearing, drunken drivers should face a prosecutor, the jury and a judge (hearing officer). With so many people, it can be very tough to win a DMV APS hearing. That is why you should not handle the case alone. Hunt for experienced attorneys, who have handled similar cases and seen favorable results.

Important Evidence

If this is your first DMV APS hearing, the DMV should prove 3 important things to suspend your driving license.

1) Officials should prove that you were intoxicated during the drive.

2) Officials should prove that you were lawfully arrested!

3) Officials should prove that your blood had more than 0.08% alcohol.

During the APS DMV hearing, plenty of evidence should be produced as a part of the argument. Talented DUI Attorney Los Angeles work by breaking these evidences. They poke holes and disprove these elements! That is how an attorney saves drivers from the case.

Winning the Case!

Another interesting way to beat the APS DMV hearing would be through procedural law. DUI lawyers are aware of the codes and laws through which a DUI hearing can be won! Even if the officials prove the above mentioned areas, the lawyers can save your driving license. It is quite fascinating to see how DUI attorneys work.

With a skilled attorney by your side, you don’t have to worry about the following:

1) Losing your license

2) Spending time in jail

3) Pay hefty fines!

4) Engage in community service

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