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Facts About Underage DUI

By definition, underage DUI represents motorists who are below 21 years of age and are driving under the influence of drugs. Drivers who are below 21 years of age, should be extremely careful! That is because even a little bit of alcohol can result in license suspension, criminal punishments and community time. Throughout the country, the minimum age to drink is 21 (of course there are few exceptions). Likewise, the legal blood alcohol level at which a person can drive his/her motor vehicle is 0.08. To drive around legally, the amount of alcohol in your blood should be below 0.08. If you are caught for underage DUI, you must hire a Los angeles DUI lawyer . That is because all states have a zero tolerance law for underage drivers. Even if the amount of alcohol in blood is above by 0.01%, you will charged for DUI!

Very Many Penalties!

Penalties for underage DUI are quite severe. Without the right kind of defendants, you (or your parents) may end up paying! Here are few common punishments for underage DUI drivers:

1) The driver’s license will be suspended. The duration depends on the case and your Los angeles DUI lawyer . The minimum would be 30 days and the maximum can be till you are age 21!

2) The motor vehicle would be impounded.

3) You may be asked to spend some time in jail. This punishment is for drivers who have committed multiple DUI offenses!

4) The driver will be requested to attend DUI school or training programs.

5) A fine that ranges between few hundreds to several thousand dollars should be paid.

6) The driver may have to serve probation for 3 to 5 years.

7) There could be juvenile detention.

These punishments will be aggravated if the teenager has committed several DUI several times. If the teenager has caused bodily injury, the charges are likely to be aggravated! This is why parents (and teenagers) should look for experienced Los angeles DUI lawyers . With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can reduce the intensity of punishments.

Understanding State Rules

State rules for young DUI cases differ! It can be very difficult to know the rules of each state. To be in the safer side, you should hire a good attorney. They are experts, who know what happens in each state! Indeed, they can save your teenager from a big fine and several weeks of jail time!

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