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DUI with a Commercial Driver’s License!

Commercial Drivers versus Normal Drivers!

Are you a commercial driver who is unaware of Los Angeles DUI laws? Well, DUI laws for commercial drivers are very strict in the city. If you have a commercial driver’s license, you will be treated differently. There are marked differences between a commercial and normal driver’s license. Here are two important differences:

1) Commercial drivers should not have more than 0.04% alcohol in their blood. On the other hand, normal drivers can have up to 0.08% alcohol.

2) Commercial drivers should follow their unique set of rules, even when they are not driving a commercial vehicle. The rules and regulations apply for all kinds of vehicles.

In Los Angeles, DUI with a commercial driver’s license will result in immediate suspension! Your license will be suspended for a considerable amount of time. That means you have high chances of losing your job. Sooner, you will not be able to continue as a commercial driver. That is why you should fight your case carefully. Hire a skilled DUI Los Angeles lawyer to play safe. Your attorney will make sure everything stays composed from the beginning.

The Legal Limit

Commercial drivers should understand the meaning of “Legal Limit”. Here is a small situation to help you understand:

Imagine two friends at a bar. One is a semi-truck driver and the other person is a singer. As they head back home, the truck driver opts to drive the car! On his way, the policy officer requests him to take a breath test and the results are 0.06! What happens?

1) If the singer had driven the car, he will be allowed to go!.

2) If the truck driver is behind the wheels, he will be charged for DUI immediately. This is called double standard and the rule is followed strictly in Los Angeles.

The Punishment

Commercial drivers who are charged for DUI should pay the following penalties:

1) Their commercial driving license will be suspended for a year.

2) They will not have any special driving privileges (even if their job and monthly income depends on driving).

3) If the driver has more than 2 charges, his/her license will be lost for life!

4) Insurance rates for drivers with DUI charges will go up! If the person has a commercial vehicle, he/she will not be able to operate it again.

Luckily, you can defend the case with the help of a skilled DUI Los Angeles lawyer.

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