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DUI with Bodily Injuries

Do you intend to hire a DUI lawyer Los Angeles? If yes, you are making the right move! When it comes to DUI charges, laws differ from one state to another. Driving Under Influence is considered as a serious offense in different parts of the country. May it be Los Angeles or California you should be prepared to pay a big price. Fortunately, skilled attorney can reduce the price you pay! In Every state, you will be convicted of driving under influence, if your body has more than 0.08% alcohol. Penalties include jail time, monetary charges, temporary suspension of driving license and community service.

Severe Penalties

Penalties will be made severe if you have cause serious bodily injuries. According to state law, bodily injuries are considered as a felony. And, felony convictions can result in bigger punishments. For example, you may have to serve a longer sentence in jail. Some people lose their driving privileges completely. If you wish to save yourself from such consequences, you must hire a skilled DUI lawyer Los Angeles. Most lawyers know how to handle a DUI conviction. They will make sure you don't serve jail time and will help in reducing the overall fine!

Examples of Bodily Injuries

So, what would be a serious bodily injury? Can DUI cases cause bodily injuries? Certainly yes! Every year, several thousand citizens are injured by rash and careless drivers. The seriousness of bodily injuries is defined by state bodies. That means bodily injuries can differ from one state to another. For example, some states consider injuries as 'Serious Bodily Harm (SBH)'. Regardless of how the state 'identifies' it, they generally mean the same thing! A common definition for SBH would be:

1) Extreme physical discomfort (pain).

2) Unconsciousness

3) If a person suffers burn wounds.

4) If a person is disfigured for a very long time.

5) Loss of mental abilities.

6) Damage to several bodily organs.

7) Injury that eventually leads to death!

The Verdict

If your DUI conviction is linked to bodily injuries, the case will be filed under 'Felony Drunken Driving Charges'. As mentioned previously, these charges are handled much more strictly. Most drivers are advised to attend counseling and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Some of them are likely to face permanent charges! These charges can affect their employment and insurance premiums. If you hire the right DUI lawyer Los Angeles, you can reduce the intensity of these charges.

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