Basics of Criminal Law for Woodland Hills Court System
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Basics of Criminal Law for Woodland Hills Court System

There comes a time where you end up in trouble with the law in life. We all try to live our lives as law abiding citizens but sometimes, things get out of hand. It doesn't have to be something big and dire, it can be something as little as a DUI. Though that may seem like its nothing, the reality is quite different and especially a Woodland Hills DUI can mean a whole lot of trouble for you. Mainly because there is a big Woodland Hills DUI crackdown going on and that means that every DUI brings a world of trouble. So a Woodland Hills DUI needs to be handled carefully and you need to know the basics of criminal law if Woodland Hills. Allow me to help you a bit in this regard.

Lets say you just got arrested, the first thing you (the defendant) will face is an arraignment which is the first stage of courtroom-based proceedings. Furthermore, the charges against the defendant are read before a judge. At an arraignment, a lawyer is appointed if the defendant cannot afford one, and the defendant's plea (guilty, not guilty, no contest) is entered. Bail may also be set at the arraignment. You will need one of the Best DUI Attorney Woodland Hills has on your case for this reason.

After this, you will face a preliminary hearing in which a prosecutor presents the evidence for the charge that you are being tried for. This is where one of the Best DUI Attorney Woodland Hills has comes into play, as if the judge is convinced considering the amount of evidence against you then you will be 'held to answer' and the case is moved to trail court level. If evidence is unconvincing then the charges are dropped and you're free to go.

If the case is sent to a trial court, then you will face another arraignment with similar steps as the original one. You will need one of the Best DUI Attorney Woodland Hills has again to make a defense for you. Then we move to the Pretrial Hearing and Motions. A motion is a request asking a judge to issue a ruling order on a legal matter. The pretrial is a hearing to resolve outstanding issues and it is for the most part the best time to attempt to settle or 'plea bargain' the case. In case the settlement or the plea bargain is unsuccessful, we move to a full trial where both the prosecution side and the defense side present evidence for their sides and call upon witnesses in front of a judge and a twelve-member jury. The Jury will examine the evidence and the accounts of the witnesses, and later will return a verdict. And now the judge will interpret the given verdict and rule out a sentence according to the state law. And that is the basics of criminal law in Woodland Hills.

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