What Happens After a Drunk Driving Conviction in Woodland Hills?
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What Happens after a Drunk Driving Conviction in Woodland Hills?

We all go through many scary things in our lives, but by far one of the most terrifying things is dealing with an arrest. The most common arrests are dealing with DUIs, let me paint you a picture of what happens mostly. It was just a fun night, or at least it was supposed to be until one drink lead to another to a night of mistakes. The end result was you in cuffs at the police station for DUI charges. This story is one of the most common in the world, as most people fall prey to the temptation of drinking too much and then thinking they are coherent enough to drive. Its all fun and games until the cops pull you over, take you to the station and then slap a DUI charge on you. You are now calling up Woodland Hills DUI Attorneys to fight your case as you will have to appear before a judge for an arraignment.

An Arraignment is a pre-trail proceeding where you will be read your charges. During the arraignment you will enter your plea of either guilty or not guilty. Then you would make the plea as to are you guilty of the crime you're being accused of or not. Whether it's a small charge or a serious one like a felony, you should always have a defense attorney to represent you. You should always make sure that the attorney you're getting has experience in dealing with the charge at hand, for example if you're being convicted of Drunk Driving in Woodland Hills then you would need a criminal defense lawyer who is a specialist Woodland Hills DUI Attorneys has so he or she can better represent you. Without representation, it can be hard to know how to work with the judge, and decide what is best for you. A criminal defense lawyer may help reduce your criminal charge to a lesser defense, lessen the punishment for the crime, reduce jail time, help reduce criminal charges and make a sound defense strategy.

If its your first time then you will have a misdemeanor charge against you, most people who are arrested and charged face misdemeanor DUI allegations. If you have a good Woodland Hills DUI Attorneys has, then you can probably get off with a minor sentence paying off a fine rather then jail time. If you don't have an attorney then the government will provide a defense attorney for you that will fight the case for you. A misdemeanor DUI will not require a hearing where as a felony DUI would definitely require one. If it's a felony then you're looking at prison time lasting up to a year, suspension of license, possibility of loss of job, restricted travel and being branded as a felon for the rest of your life.

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